Soupault users

This is a list of websites using soupault. If you are using it, let me know and I'll add your website to the list. Perfect if your site source is available on a code hosting platform or downloadable as an archive, so that people can learn from it by example.

This very site is built with soupault, obviously.

Example of: custom indexer (simple blogs), Lua plugins.

Source on GitHub:

The website of soupault's primary author and maintainer.

Example of: external scripts (“news” generated from the git commit log, page revision dates from git history), widget ordering, Lua plugins.

Source on GitHub:

MousikóFídi is a free and open source, self-hosted online music player. It doesn't need a database and uses as little JS as possible. Its website is built with soupault.

Example of: Markdown preprocessing, CI integration, custom build workflow.

Source on SourceHut:

Website and blog of Hristos N. Triantafillou, the maintainer of MousikóFídi and

Example of: blog, conditional HTML insertion.

Source on SourceHut:

Website of Samuel Thomas, a computer science student from Cornell University.

Example of: pandoc integration, custom Lua plugins, external index generator.

Source on GitHub:

Website of Thomas Letan, a computer scientist.

Example of: blog, custom build workflow.

Source (self-hosted):

Website of Nicolas Paris, a data scientist and bioinformatician.

Source on Frama Git:

Tyrone's Zone

Website of Tyrone, an electrician from New Zealand.